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Asset finance services provided by Flag Leaf Finance

Green Line

Flag Leaf Finance is an appointed representative of Rural Finance, the UK’s largest independent finance brokering network, being part of the network allows us to access the most competitive rates and suitable deals for our customers.

Funding partners

We can arrange bespoke finance with a number of well known funders, as listed below:

Agriculture Finance
Royal Bank of Scotland
Digital Mortgages
Hampshire Trust Bank
Agri Bank
Bank of Scotland
United Trust Bank
BNP Paribas
Santander Consumer Finance
Davenham Asset Finance
Societe Generale
Northridge Finance
Close Brothers

Types of finance agreements available

Green Line

We are able to arrange the following types of finance agreement with our list of approved funders, ensuring there is always a suitable option to meet your requirements.

Hire Purchase Agreements

The straight forward purchase of assets that are funded through a finance company giving ownership at the end of the period for a nominal fee. The instalment can be tailored to your business needs, either fixed or variable rates (depending on the type of business), likewise the payments can be tailored to your cash-flow requirements.

You can still claim depreciation allowances, offset interest payments against tax and reclaim VAT on the purchase price.

Up to 100% of purchase price can be financed. VAT deferral potential. Ownership at the end of the term. Cash flow matched payments.

Lease Agreements

Similar to HP, but the VAT is payable on the instalments and the goods are not owned by the client at the end of the period. This product is often seen as a tax efficient way for businesses to acquire assets without using up their facilities.

Up to 100% of purchase price ex.VAT.

VAT is payable on rentals.

Ability of continued use of asset for nominal sum or sale of asset and retain some of the cash proceeds at the end of the primary period.

Operating Lease

The asset is “effectively” rented from the finance company with payments calculated on the end of period value of the asset. This allows the rentals to be kept relatively low. This helps to keep monthly outgoings low and provides off balance sheet finance.

Rentals and return conditions are fixed at outset.

Resale risk taken away.

Cash flow matched payments and tax effective.

Contract Hire

The key benefits of contract hire are the known running costs. Extending the principal of fixed interest costs, this type of agreement goes further and fixes all equipment usage and servicing costs for your business.

Also lower repair costs with preventive maintenance. Although a dealer maintenance plan will not cover the cost of repairs outside warranty, the likelihood of a major breakdown is reduced with more regularly maintained equipment.


This is a good way to release cash in an asset that is free from any finance so you can utilise that money to help grow your business. This can also be used to refinance a Balloon payment at the end of an agreement, in both cases extra security may be taken but each case will be judged on its own merit.