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Flag Leaf Finance can arrange finance on cars, vans, trucks, and 4×4’s for both businesses and individuals mainly through the following agreements:

Hire Purchase (HP)

Under a Hire purchase agreement the asset is financed over an agreed term with the balance and interest repayable by monthly instalments.


The finance company will purchase the asset on behalf of you or your company and own it until the final instalment is paid.


VAT registered businesses usually pay the VAT upfront as a deposit.

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Contract Hire

Contract Hire is essentially a type of long-term rental where you’re not looking to own the asset at the end of the contract.


You lease the asset for an agreed period of time & mileage by making fixed monthly payments. When the contract expires, you simply return your asset or take out a new contract on a new asset.


So whether you’re looking to buy a new car, truck or van we can help!

Contract Agreement

The above list is not exhaustive, so if you can’t see what you’re looking for give us a call.

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